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New Ash Green is a fairly large village which as little as ten years ago was a fairly peaceful prosperous village.There were the ‘older generation’ of chavs but seeing as I was a young boy back in the day,they left me and my mates alone.

Now the place is a pit.The shopping center is home to the ‘shop lot’ a group of vile pondlife who smash windows and assault members of staff of the supermarket,bookshop,bakery etc.They are your typical chav.Ugly,snarling,hostile,nasal-sounding little c***s who spend their miserable lives trying to make other people unhappy.

We’re not just talking about little boys.For every 18/19/20 year old burberry/hackett wearing prick,there is an older lot who mainly dwell in the pub which is in the middle of the shops.These people are real scumbags,many of whom have done time.They are tooled to the teeth and literally bash the crap out of people for no reason.in packs of at least 7 or 8.

What do you get if you fight back?The c***s get on their phones and phone their brothers,mates etc.and within minutes there’ll be about 30 of them.

Many of them take the time to lift weights and study kickboxing and other martial arts – for the sole purpose of hurting people.Nice.

Don’t come to New Ash Green if you don’t want to get your car stolen or your windows put through.

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  Written by Anonymous. Posted in South East

One chav town to rule them all…

Welcome to New Ash Green (or “Da NAG” as the locals call it). New Ash Green is a huge housing estate, home to over 6000 people, including 1000 chavs.

Chavs just love to hang around in the slowly disapearing shops (in the centre of new ash green). Another favourite place for one to spot the local scum, is outside the Youth Centre. Chavs just love to hang there to!

If you ever venture to the shops, watch out! You may be attacked by the local gang, the “Shop lot”. This 20something strong group comprises of mostly 15-19yr old “solid” kids who thrive on making the lives of people here as unhappy as possible. Some of their activities and past times include: burning down parks and “graffin” in them (so now the children have no-where to play) , smashing the windows of the book shop and bakery, and letting off fireworks in the middle of car parks at 1 o’clock in the morning.

So PLEASE, think of your own safety before coming to “Da NAG”. It may upset you.

Thank you for your time…

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