New Ash Green full of Insecure mums needing mob security.

New Ash Green is full of people that cannot think independently.Lots of mums at the local school are thriving on others emotions and cannot think for themselves.Many are on ant-depressants and many think their **** don’t smell.You get the pykkies, the real *****, the local bikes,and the local ****.Everybody wants to know your business to gossip about.Nothing is secret it is like living in Big Brother being watched all the time.Too many trees and full of nosey people.The local Police are a completely invisible entity,the local shopping area is becoming more and more of a ghost town but full of bored teenagers.nothing to do but wait and die beyond the age of 11 years old.No clubs,nothing of interest. Fall out with one person and the whole village can become your enemy not knowing the reasons for the disagreement!Lots of people claim to have their own businesses but are never at work and have loads to spend.Full of dodgy tradesmen especially if you want a bath suite fitted and man in question has never heard of the stop ****.I rest my case!!!Escape if you can.

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