Netherton near Liverpool

MerseysideNorth West

This place is a dump even by Liverpools’ standards. It is home to Buckley Hill playing fields, the windiest place on earth including the Antartic. Buckley had a new roof put on the changing rooms because they either had it ripped or burnt off by some 6 year old scally. They regularly make the caretakers life a misery by throwing stones at him or abusing him from a place he is unable to inflict physical violence upon them.

Its a bit like the start of 2001: a space odyssey where all the chimps are messing about then **** one to death with a rock or a bone, pity the deaths never happen there.

It would be reasonable to assume that 90 per cent of the population of Netherton are on the Nat King Cole, hence being labelled in the early 1990s as “dodge city” (I do apologise if you are in the minority, a decent hard working tax payer). Every person i have had the misfortune to meet from here is a benefit scrounging lambert and butler smoking, tracky wearing, sayers eating *******. The Cabbage pub is less safe than Basra or Baghdad is at the moment and the window cleaner needs a ******* sander.

There is little for the scallies to do apart from break into the changing rooms of the local Netherton Activity Centre and rob everyones gear, sorry – I meant “the NAC” like for scallies unable to give it its proper title. They also hang around outside the sports bar further up by the shops while their waster parents are in there watching sky sports swigging stella paid for by the British Taxpayer.

If all this bores the **** off the ********, they can always go over the road and torment the dows syndrome kids and mental people to make them feel a bit better about themselves.

There is also a crooked solicitors office further up who handles mainly fraudulent compo claims or fights for people who have had their invalidity benefit stopped. He also has an advert above the cash machine, just incase any scallies want to use his services at a later date when they are forcing people at knifepoint to empty out their account.

A horrible place, only go there if you really have to, i have only been there to play football!

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