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Nelson, a place for every Chav. What a great place! All types of Chav are present here, they seem to like the place. On my daily drive to work the “working” or “tarmacing” Chavs are already going about their daily business. The non tarmacers are mooching around the post office, kwik save, farm foods, lidl, costcutters, woolworths and wilkinson all searching out “reet good stuff well cheep!!”
Chavs are a thirsty breed, so, plastic bags in hand it’s off for a coffee at The Station pub (they open early to get the chavs in before the bar opens). At 11.30 sharp the bar is open and the chav’s and chavette’s are bustling to get their orders in. Once served they have their “loyalty cards” stamped and mooch off to sit on the sticky ash covered seats of the “family area”.
Across town the fellow chavs are getting stuck in to yet more booze at the Lord Nelson. After a few drinks many of the younger chavs tuck their tracky bottoms into their socks and head out, best rockport forward to ruin some senior citizen’s afternoon.

Cometh the hour cometh the Chav! With nightfall approaching the Nova’s and suchlike are revving the engines and pulling out from the Stone Clad Labrynth of houses, pausing momentarily to switch on the purple lights under the car. ACE!!!
A new one up here is two tone paint, it looks so good over the rust bubbles on the wheel arches!

With the blond haired, big gold ear ringed chavette slumped in the wound back passenger seat, the chavmobile trudles off to congregate in near by Colne. (Matalan car park) ther chavs meet up and chav about for an hour or three going from 0 to 30 and back to 0 several times on North Valley Road. I really do detest the chavs. Tracksuits, burberry caps, rockports, reebok classics, Nova’s, illiteracy, all traits of the chav!

Praise be I only have to work near them!!!!

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

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A small dank pond full of pram pushers, pasty faced weevils with attention deficit disorder and crumbling sad damp abandoned old people.It has no Mcds because it is so crap.The grannie and grandad chavs ( Kev and Julie) wander about in soggy smoke smelling denim on the way to giro encashment.Like Bradford Chavdom has spread like a multi cultural fungus to the ethnic community who at least have better bling and nicer teeth.
My mate says Clay Cross and Dudley are worse -is this possible?

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018