Neath Hill, Milton Keynes

When the local *** offenders aren’t assaulting you or offering to show you their genitalia – you’re treated to being followed home by groups of ***** who provide a constant stream of verbal and physical abuse, that or a mugging.

The pub is situated in the heart of the ‘local centre’, this means anyone innocently walking past the beer garden on a hot summers day is subjected to a torrent of drunken insults and offers of fights by ***** on their 8th pint of Stella Artois or bottle of blue wkd. There are also a surprizing number of people sporting shell suits and mullets who drink there, yeah.

The Co-op features prison-style barbed fencing around the roof following a break in and always has its shutters down as otherwise the local ***** brick the windows. During the evening the shop is inundated with druggies buying 10 cigarettes and Rizlas.

How grim is your Postcode?

Anything made of wood is burnt to the ground and anything not nailed to the ground is theived. Hence the many derelict play parks in the area where the drug users out number kids playing.

I used to think people who drive to their local shops were just plain lazy, now I realise it’s to avoid as much of the **** **** tralling the streets desperately looking for something to hump steal or fight as possible.

By: dk

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