My romantic encounter with jason (winchester)

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I know that this isn’t a place, but i felt i just had to write about my ‘romance’ with chavboy jason.
I first set eyes on this piece of hunk as i was walking into winchester. I heard from behind me, the loving sound of a revving saxo engine, complete with gold hubcaps and pumping bass. I turned to face the driver of this contreaption with great anticipation and there sat jason, leaning out the window, nodding his head to his classy trance album and greeted me with a cheeky wink and said in his o so sexy, reedy voice
‘Alright treacle’. you can imagine my heart melted and my legs turned to jelly. How could i resist this rugged specimen of male anatomy. My response (after i managed to catch my breath) was a giggle and a ‘hey’.
Weeks passed and this moment was still flashing vividly in my mind. I had committed myself to a week helping out at a local primary school. On my first day, i was assigned a classroom to sit in and listen to children read. While waiting for my next pupil, a flash of white caught my eye. I looked out the window and to my amazement and delight i saw the gelled-down, blinged up-Jason. I couldn’t help but stare, and as i did so his eyes met mine. After a few seconds of awkward blinking and heart-stopping winking i decided to play the ‘treat-em-mean keep-em-keen’ card, so turned away and pretended to be occupied with the nearest book i could find.
As lunchtime approached i realised my chance had come. I had found out that Jason was a builder, working on an extension outside the classroom i was assigned to. After almost half an hour of ‘touching up’ my make up and checking out my sultry smile in the mirror, i stepped outside to walk to the newsagents, nextdoor to the school, so that i could buy my lunch. Ahead of me i saw the back of a burberry cap and the luminous white of his fetching trainers. I flicked my hair over my shoulder, ajusted my top and i was off.
My strut was well planned and i was rewarded by a wolf-whistle from a white van and an ‘oi-oi’ from Jason. I turned to face him, gave him a small smile and continued on my route to the newsagents.
On my return i knew i had to share a conversation with my hunk, so i walked over to the back of a white van, where Jason and his building-friends were enjoying a cigarette.
‘oi-oi’ a particularly greasy builder chirped. I decided to grant him with a smile and faced Jason.
‘Alright babe, you work here or summat?’ he asked.
Inside i was floating, his sexy voice melted my insides.
‘ Hey, im just here for a week….*quick think of a question*….soo your a builder then’
‘Yer’ he replied. We both stood, nodding at each other, occasionally smiling as we caught eyes.
‘ Right well ill be off then’ I said. I walked back up to the school, playing over our conversation in my mind. Although it had been exciting and engaging, i felt as though something was missing from our relationship. However my thoughts had to be delayed as there was a sports afternoon, which i had to help with. With the whole school on the field, we were split into teams. I was in charge of a group of 15. While trying to teach them to use a skipping rope, i felt a tap on my shoulder. As i turned my heart had skipped a ****. Jason stood next to me in all his glory. I couldn’t believe he had just touched my shoulder, and found myself nodding to his question. The next thing i knew Jason took a skipping rope and began helping me teach my group to skip.
That afternoon was one that held many surprises. Jason was amazing with the children and soon had us all in hysterics as he attempted to hula with a ring. Highlights were the moments when our eyes met . I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear for the whole afternoon. I also will never forget the moment when our time won the mini ootball tournament. Jason had tried to teach them many strategies and as we won we all piled into a massive dog pile. I couldn’t believe how these children had brought us together. Once we had cleared up Jason asked if i wanted to go out for a drink. I agreed immediately and sat in his saxo with great anticipation.
That evening Jason and I enjoyed a pizza hut. I was amazed at his taste in fine dining as we even indulged in an ice cream factory. We returned to his house that night and i knew that Jason was my perfect man.
For the rest of the week we spent almost all our time together, he made sure he was building outside my classroom and we were contantly smiling at each other.
However half way through the week, i was distracted by another student who was going to help me listen to the children read. His name was Harry. Harry was quite different to Jason. Harry was very intellectual and we both shared the same passion for classical music. That day Harry and I found we had a lot in common and we got on really well. But i had forgoten about Jason.
At the end of the day, as i walked out of school he came up to me not looking so happy.
‘Who was that tw*t in there then?’ he growled.
I hadn’t thought what it must have looked like as we’d been laughing together all day.
‘erm hes just another person helping’ i replied unconvincingly.
‘whatever’ Jason replied and he stormed off to his car.
I felt my heart twinge with pain. I saw Jason walk away from me and didn’t know if things between us would ever be the same.
The next day i waited outside the school for Jason to arrive. After what felt like hours, i heard the familiar engine and saw Jason drive up the drive. I walked over with a smile to try and speak to him.
‘Hi, i like your shirt’ i said. Wishing i could think of something more interesting t say.
‘Hi’ he grunted, with a cold tone. He then walked off without another word.
‘Wait, please, why dont we go out tonight or something?’ i pleaded.
‘Maybe’ he said.
I knew this was as good as i was going to get so i left it at that. I then walked into the classroom, but froze in disgust. Harry was sitting in a chair reading with a child, but i hadn’t seen so many colours on one face. His lip had split and he had dark circles around his eyes. Someone had obviously decided to **** him up, and i knew i didn’t have to look far to find the culprit.
I didn’t talk to Harry that day, although i felt so terrible that he had to bear the brunt of my problem. The first chance i got, i found Jason and confronted him about Harry. He denied all knowledge, and in contrast to this morning, was surprisingly affectionate. I knew what i had to do and told him i couldn’t see him again.
Although i had got what i wanted, i realised that Jason was not the guy i thought he was. His chavish ways although sexy and attractive at first, had made me dislike my dream man. Jason if your out there….thanks for the memories xxxx

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