my experience of Leeds Bus Station-‘can you lend us a cig? Mate’

North EastYorkshire

Picture the scene, after a long and tiring coach journey which took me through the spectacular scenery of Barnsley and Sheffield (alas, i wish i could have stopped over), i arrived in Leeds bus station. Unfortunately for myself i had a 30 minute wait for my next bus. However, this 30 minutes gave me a revealing insight into the world of chavscum.

Similar to a wildlife documentary, i spent my time studying the behaviour and actions of a troop of scally, c**v ‘people.’ (I don’t know whether they are even deserving to be recognised as people, such is my disgust)
Here is what i discovered….

The general traits of a c**v/scall;

1)Poorly educated. (Cos school is for losers) Unable to communicate properly, uses text speak.

2)Thinks that hanging round in bus stations is an evening well spent, they go meet up with their mates, smoke a few ciggies, even though it is a strictly no smoking building, harass some poor strangers, play buggy wars (whilst the kid is still in the pram), other c**v tomfoolery

3)No respect for anything or anyone, least of all themselves. Ignorant and naive-You laugh at me because I’m different… I laugh at you, because you’re all the same.

4)Evident there is hierarchy in the troop. Similar to something out of lord of the flies. The leader (usually the one who looks the nastiest-with the face like a badgers a**e) often tends to pick on the weakest one in the troop, to gain the recognition from the rest of the troop or any nearby female c***s. (the ones he hasn’t already given a nasty dose)

All c***s are a blemish on the a**e of society, i feel like i should come up with some profound point about how c***s are simply the product of the decay of modern society and values, but what the heck, i say bring on the napalm. Would it really matter if these f*****s died tomorrow?

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