Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Kent, South East, United Kingdom

Having lived in this seemingly peaceful & quaint seaside town all my life it seems like a relaxing place to live.  However, & obviously, there is another side to this story.

The Ramsgate tourist board pride itself on having a Royal Harbour.  So.  Who the f**k wants to see it? Essentially it’s just a just a place where boats park.  Occasionally, ferries go to Oostende & Dunkirk.  Who’s going on these ferries when there only a 20 minute drive & a channel tunnel journey away from Calais where the Utopia of cheap fags & booze awaits.  It’s the only town in the World who’s appearance is made more attractive by an off shore windfarm, which to be honest, in most places are an eyesore & essentially just lampposts with the Mercedes logo spinning from them.

Now the town centre itself.  I feel the best way to describe it, is imagine an Olympic Village.  No the inhabitants aren’t at the peak of physical fitness, instead there are lots of people wearing tracksuits, who can barely speak English.  Most of them have also perfected the Manchester monkey walk with their Doberman’s on a leach made out of a chain link fence stolen from a car park of a furniture store warehouse.

It is such a bad place to live now, that when the cannabis farms in the town were destroyed by the Police, it must have left a gaping hole in our local economy so deep it is beyond ever recovering.  You will often see market stalls set up in the middle of the town centre which makes it impossible to cut a wide berth when you see someone coming up to you & trying to sell you stolen second hand goods at a largely inflated price, of which they refer to as a ‘pwopper bargain mate’.  With the amount of different stuff on sale, from beach towels to alarm clocks, it is literally a convention for ‘Jack’s of all trades. Masters of f**k all’.

The only good thing about the town centre was Woolworths.  It’s not there anymore.  Infact the contributing factor to Woolworths going out of business was probably because the chavs of the town, which there are many, stole so much stuff they were running at a loss for the entire company nationwide.

The Newington Estate is a great example, of how the benefits system has failed the tax payers of Great Britain.   It’s a good thing the Jeremy Kyle studio is in Manchester or they would just have people turning up from here all the time.  I have frequently visited this estate & on a couple of occasions I’ve seen cars on fire in the street.  I must say that not all people from here are scum, but the ones who are, are the worst type of scum.  You know, the sort that never work or want to work, have children at 14, have their hair pulled back so much that a cheap alternative to Botox has been created, drop out of school relying on decent people to support their alcohol & drug problems.  Yeah, that type of scum, who if you ask to go f**k themselves, they may give it a try.

The night life isn’t that great either, although there are many different nightclubs & pubs with most of them having free entry.  I will use only one example to make my point. The Sovereign night club.  Most nights, at least two lads will have a fight or an argument outside, where the rest of the public (including myself) just watch on as a sick form of entertainment, might aswell though, inside the music is rubbish, the TV’s just show Sky Sports News on it’s ever boring loop & no one can afford the drinks.   Then when your leaving the clubs & maybe fancy a thing to eat, you may get assaulted in a kebab shop like I was once. This twat said he slipped on the carpet & bumped into me ‘by accident’ when instead he punched me in the back of the head & pushed me into the glass display where my elbow was cut, although the punch was pretty weak & he is probably a heroin junkie.

This town used to be good, as was Margate, in being popular seaside towns for many tourists but most of the people that have moved from suburbs in London have turned it into an urban wasteland.  I am actually surprised that the suicide rate for this town isn’t higher than that at Beachy Head as it’s so morbidly a depressing place to live now.  I’m not denying that some parts of it are good, i.e. most of the westcliff is pleasant, usually clean parks, good views of the sea (although some days you can clearly see France) & the beach, but now it is the only place in the world where a tuxedo & a shell suit are the considered the same thing.

I am recommending immediate evacuation from here for the decent citizens, maybe Canterbury & maybe further beyond.  Then maybe the 10,000 artillery shells it deserves to have levelled at it will commence.  To some up how rubbish it is here, there’s a verse about it in ‘The Thanet Anthem’, search it in YouTube & it will give an indication as to what I’m going on about.

  • Glen

    I was going to buy a place in Ramsgate , Your comments with the corrupt council, and a police force that does not care, and a high level of unpunished crime scares the hell out of me. Why would anyone want to move here, to improve the area.

  • Manny

    Your a dick mate. Small minded uneducated fool!
    Your just painting people with the same brush. These chavs you speak of who don’t work etc.. You ever thought that maybe these kids have learnt from there parents and so on, it’s a system designed for people to stay in and cause tax payers to hate these people. That’s not ideal or correct. Governments build estates that exact way and want them chav types living there making a non stop generation after generation people who live on benefits!
    And the foreigners the ones who actually come here and work. I work with 3 Bulgarians and know of plenty of polish and Romanians who ALL work!
    Reading your bullshit made me angry. Your whats wrong with the world, wake up and open your mind, your blinded pal.

  • Johan Vermeulen

    It is quite evident from your poor spelling and grammar the you are indeed from planet Fanet. Every time you use an apostrophe to make a word a plural, a puppy dies.

  • jonny

    i live in ramsgate and have all my life and i am very proud to say . . . . .
    it is one of the sh*ttest place to live with a few dirty scumbag wrongens. no loyalty

  • jonny

    hahahahaha thats classic ramsgate


    A comment from my Mother:

    That made me REALLY angry. I found it hard to read it as much for its appalling grammar and punctuation as for its content. He calls himself a life-long resident of the town – if that is true then he should be ashamed of himself, but more than that – he needs to distance himself as far and as quickly as possible if that is how he feels because Ramsgate – and indeed the Isle of Thanet itself – doesn’t need him. Ramsgate may have problems which nobody would deny, but the last thing it needs is a jerk like this. His opinions are skewed and count for nothing. He may have lived there for all his life, but he clearly has no understanding of his heritage, for Ramsgate played a huge part in making Britain great. I adore Ramsgate and don’t like hearing a word against it. I loved it the first day I saw it and I always will, no matter what. I have wonderful memories of Ramsgate and it’s in my soul, so idiots like this make me very angry indeed. How dare he?

  • Henry Bradstow

    Everyone, including a moron, is entitled to their opinion. When you have recovered from your particular disability you perhaps will be better equipped to assess the many wonderful attributes of Ramsgate.

  • AB

    Sorry, Mrs S Grub. Perhaps before you attempt to attack someone for apparently ‘not speaking properly’ maybe you should learn to write correctly.

  • louce

    Hey Quadro….. Ramsgate is one of ‘English germs’??????? A freudian slip of the tongue , perhaps???? made me smile…

  • louce

    good lord…. an ‘English germ’!!!!! A freudian slip of the tongue?????????

  • Quadro

    This is the stupidest, rudest rant I’ve ever heard about Ramsgate! What the hell is wrong with you?If Ramsgate is not good enough for you – good riddance, it is a better place without likes of you. ‘A place where boats park’?! Are you completely stupid?! Or blind? Probably both. I moved to Ramsgate from, no, not suburbs, but Central London, and I’ve never looked back. Rich in history, with amazing views and stunning architecture Ramsgate is one of English germs. Grow some appreciation of the obvious, man – before making your ridiculous views known.