Motspur Park

Hmmm, how should I start…. I heard that Motspur Park was a quaint village pre 1990s, now its anything but a nice village… In the last 10 years I have seen it grow from terrible to a pure ********… sure its not as bad as getting stabbed or shot, but if I was an old pensioner i would be worried. The thing about this place is that the ***** come out at night, Friday, Saturday and school holidays which makes summer a bit of a craphole. Shall we start at the park where mindless knobs tried set the whole park alight as in they tried to pile driedgrass together and set a whole area alight; the children’s playground is getting better- it used to be a place for the underage drinkers’; the pavilion which apparently was 80 years old was burnt down simply cos they were bored. Coming out of the park, and a 2min walk will get you into the main street… for some odd reason Unwins, now Threshers, and that side of the street is untouched, maybe this is because on the otherside (opposite the **** pub, which may i add is “over 21”, but yet wouldnt serve me yet the 14 year old **** sitting wit his hench dad, who looked like someone smashed round the headwith a hammer was havin a bottle of smirnoff ice) is a kebab shop where all the ***** hang out.
Then there’s the local offie/newsagent, I’ve seen ***** racially abuse these people, yet 2 hours later they wanna have a packof 20 mayfair at a knock down price (all being the fact there under 15).
But the best has to be left till last, Motspur Park Station has recently become Wetherspoons for under 16s who congregate on the bench at the end of the platform where they drink, get pissed, flirt wit the *********, throw up, piss and how could i forget, fill the walls with their pointless grafitti.
Sorry for such a long description but this place is really ********, if you don’t believe me, please take the 10:35 to motspur park from waterloo, walk to the closest offy, light a cigarette, duly wait 20 mins for a train back to waterloo- tell me how many twats stop u try and get: ur ****; ur money; ur hat; ur gloves; ur ipod.

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