Mold – the poo that just won't flush.


Mold in North Wales has all of the boxes ticked for it to qualify as a true Chavtown. Hoardes of 14 year olds smoking hash with plastic in it fighting each other for a bottle of Thunderbird and listening to 50 Cent cause they think it means they are hard. Mold is a fairly small town in North Wales which has suffered from the different waves of Chavdom that have washed over us all in the last 10 to 20 years.

I’m willing to admit that as a 15 year old myself some 15 years ago I was fully ****’ed up – I sported dodgy Kappa coats and Adidias Colorado’s. I think however in those days we would have been called Scallys’ and we took our inspiration from the Liverpool and Manchester casuals and footie hooligans.

Nowadays however its all kids in nasty addidas trackies, Reebok Classics, **** hash and if you are a girl seeing how many 20 something ugly blokes in sheddy Astras you can suck off and or get pregnant by before you reach 14.

Also Mold is overrun with heroin and crack cocaine. This may seem a little strange given that it is a small welsh market town but it suffers from the fact that Liverpool and Manchester are close enough for dealers looking to make easy money to come over and stake a claim. As a result crime is rapidly increasing – and not the “smash the windows of the offie” crime that our **** pals love – but the more serious ******** of houses………..

another installment coming soon!

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