Milford Haven is just one giant council estate

Living in Milford Haven

Milford haven, once a thriving fishing industry held this little ports name up high, american settlers built its streets to emulate their home with a simple lay out, the deepest natural harbour in the UK secured trade and wealth, fishing trawlers steaming into port with full belly’s .

Yes its safe to say this town had the makings of greatness, but alas all good things come to a end.

Milford right now is kind of a giant council estate, it receives no funding where its needed and gone are the thriving days of industry.

How grim is your Postcode?

It boasts a failing cinema theater, a small amount of crappy shops, a half decent chippy and a half decent american styled cafe, it has a bowling alley where you can go for the same price as a second hand car and that’s about it!

There’s not much else in Milford aside from a few angling shops and the locals. Ah yes the locals, mount estate (Pembrokeshire’s dumping ground) spews forth a torrent of uneducated, unemployable, youths who in term reproduce. The population of undesirables has outgrown the estate and spread into the rest of Milford condemning it!

As we all know ***** reproduce like rabbits and thus it wasnt long before they outnumbered the decent folk who once looked after this little town.

Milford is now a FEMA camp in disguise, Pembrokeshire council farms more and more of society’s unwanted into the town as mount estate and hakin procreate their own. The town is swelling under the strain of farmed *****.

Fortunately for Milford Haven there is hope in the form of the liquid gas plant, a well placed *** butt may set off a chain reaction causing overload and blowing Milford completely off the map, probably the best thing for it.