Midway and Swadlincote

DerbyshireEast Midlands

Midway is a ******** inbetween swadlincote and woodville. It’s down the road from Granville Community School and its where all the ****’s hang out. They mostly hang round at “swad park” which isnt even in swad. They buy their **** from “Mary’s” which is a shop on Salisbury Drive (******* disgusting council estate), which also has the pleasure of accomodating “swad park” as well. Any one gets served at “Mary’s”, even the baby ****’s that dont even look old enough to be out of junior school. They all have **** names. They all smoke dope at “Swad Park”.

Swadlincote isn’t as bad as Midway, although, **** Central is located there. AKA Swad Disco. Its where all of the Chavvies in Swad and the surrounding areas meet to walk around in circles (literally), smoke and get off with each other. It’s very ****, although I am ashamed to admit that I have been.

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