Midsomer Norton

SomersetSouth West

Considered by many as the birthplace of the Chav, Midsomer Norton is the penulmtimate destination for the Chav hunter. I am writing this letter with a small tear in my eye because ……i was once a Chav. It started when i was 14 and lasted untill i was 16. Not a day goes by when i don’t sit down and hate myself for at least an hour for being a Chav. Midsomer Norton is a town near Bristol so just by virtue of its location it becomes a hive for Chavs. The town is really one long high street with the usual collection of Chav shops and takeaways and Pubs. To really see the Chav in its natural habitat you need to visit the High street around 12.00 noon on a saturday but be warned!! At this hour you will see Chavs who are out shop lifting and Chavs trying to get served underage for cider. Chavs will be everywhere and so will be there tell tell signs like spit on the floor and chewing gum and smashed glass and chocolate bar wrappers.
Keep a close eye on the bus shelter at a place called ‘the island’ remove all thoughts of palm trees and beach from your mind because this ‘Island’ contains only a bus shelter and approx 15-40 Chavs at any given time. They will be wearing the usual assortment of cheap rip off clothes with names like Nickleson and Mckenzie or something, Burberry caps, gold chains worn outside are standard features. Its strange how they gather under the bus shelter even when its not raining and when the buses are not running? As for the physical appearance of the ‘Norton Chav’ look for a sickly pale compexion with scrawny underweight or bloated and fat no doubt a product of the special high carb diet that the Chav will live on. Most of the Norton female Chavs will be shameless in their effort to promote thier sexuality wearing very little clothes with slogans such as ‘i suck it good’ and ‘i am horny” or “i take sweets from strangers”. Midsomer Norton has two secondary schools and both seem to churn out more and more Chavsters with every passing year. I have written a letter to the Local council asking if we could perhaps designate certain areas of the town as a “Chav free zone” in an effort to restore back the town to the few remaing good people of the area. Perhaps a good website idea would be to help the few of us left that arent Chavs by posting “Chav free zones” that are around the country, i for one would love to visit a Chav free zone and would consider it as a holiday destination. To enter in to a Chav free zone one may have to answer certain questions like “Who was Margaret Thatcher”? or where is Gibraltar?. this would turn away 90% of the Chavs immediately. I must go now as i have to take my pet bit bull for a walk and my shell suit is just finished in the tumble dryer and besides Mcdonalds closes in half an hour.

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