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Middlewich used to be one of those towns full of old people who were there for the peace and quiet, and young couples with small children who wanted them to grow up in a nice area.
Well, the children did grow up in a nice area. In fact, they liked it so much, they wanted more children to experience it. So they had some. Lots, in fact.

There are children wandering around with their own children. All with different daddies, to vary the gene pool i’m sure.
Winsford is already on this site. Middlewich is just a couple of miles away from Winsford, and for the last maybe 6 years, Middlewich has been aspiring to achieve the ****-status of Winsford. Well, it’s giving it some damn good competition.
We have one small high street of shops (we are a countryside type town), and half of them are take-aways of some description, there are at least 3 suntan places, and every single shop has steel shutters on the front.
The council is keen to encourage this new section of society, and purposefully reduced parking on the high street to make more room on the pavements for the ***** to hang around in front of the shops smoking, spitting, and drinking cider cos it’s cool.
Ah, Middlewich. Fondly renamed PiddleDitch.

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