Middlewich, It’s full of the little f**kers

middlewich hmmmm Its full of the little ******* oh sure its a small place but there is constantly ppl getting beaten up down town . The main place for them is bull ring drinking cidar and smoking and out side the local tesco .Another common area for ***** is the booth lane sk8 park commonly known as Oller Full off them ! taking up usualy the swings and the surounding area with there bikes and mopeds.

Every time you try to go in to the tesco your constantly being pester to buy them **** or alcohol .I supose there fav hobby is shouting **** to people young and old as they go past the main targets are young girls on there own . And people think middlewich is posh we have a few shops in town about 3 tanning places 4 indians 3 chinese and a taky cheep clothing shop .

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