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****’s you wont have to go far to find them, usually parking their saxo with thousands of pounds of additional ice and diy pimp my ride add on **** at the drive through at mcdonalds, single mums from pallister park are a common **** sighting in the town centre, spending the income support at jjb, warren james jewellers and primark usually with asbo boyfiend and a 4 pack of carlingin tow, – i kid you not, most of them have not been more than 3 miles out of town. morrisons at berwick hills is a another **** mecca, more kappa tracksuited pregnant midriff and stretch marked girls than  a stern constitution can take. you would think lots have people did not have toilets in this area as the young men have thier tracksuits tucked in the socks and look like they have soiled themselves!
riding illegal moterbikes is a another in thing at the moment chavalcades of them everywhere. yoo’s is a commonly used word by a **** in the boro, when workhouses were stopped it was sad day for the town, it also full of fat ***** as thier idleness takes it toll we have  the award also of having an area in the town of the lowest life expectancy. I only ever venture into the boro to watch the football, other than that I would rather have a lobotomy. if visiting the place dont, there are plenty of better place and countryside around it

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