middlesbrough – such a beautiful place!!!!!

well what can you say about middlesbrough???? except ear man its only propah mint like!!!!! the town is full of uneducated alcoholics whose main aim in life is to stay on benefits long enough to get on new deal for an extra fiver a week!!!! they also appear to have forgotten there is the letter H in the alphabet instead they say things like ‘ear am just goin to our ouse to get to see our elen coz its only proper ot!!!’ most of the women have the typical ‘pram face’ (like the face you pull whilst having a ****!!!) and 15 children called kennedy, charmaine, reece, tyler etc etc and your no one in middlesbrough if you dont have a staffy called levi and a boyfriend whos a dealer!! a popular **** haunt is bensons bar in the village – a lovely place full of the type of people that you wouldnt look twice at (and thats just the staff!!!) to round off a lovely place fit for nuclear testing!!!

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