Living in Middlesborough
  Written by Anonymous. Pic Via

I’ve lived in Middlesbrough since 2014 and to put it lightly, f*ck this place.

Now, I’m not going to generalise here but as a person who grew up in a quaint rural town in the south, moving to Middlesbrough was a shock to me in many ways. The town does have its ups, for example the Transporter Bridge and the entire Captain Cook whatever. But mostly, it’s full of drug addicts, uneducated assholes and bitchy teenagers that run around with their fake Nike trash that they got from their ‘mam’ for their ‘birthday’. And by birthday, I mean after they begged for it because they’re spoilt brats.

I’ve even seen kids as young as 7 running around smacking others over the head because why not, am I right? The children are f*****g feral here. Most parents just let their kids (and their dogs for some reason) out for the day to ‘play out with their friends’, of which they have about none because nobody loves them. Sure do love Middlesbrough.

And don’t even get me started on the people who say ‘it’s like this everywhere!’

No, no it isn’t. It really, really isn’t.

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