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Well middlesbrough has been rated the 5th worst place to live in the united kingdom, have they bothered to check out the towns around it too? like eston, southbank and grangetown? jesus christ, if you think middlesbrough is a good place to live then your blind to what goes on around you, or you just had it easy and never been **** up or had anything stolen. And i have the right to say this because ive lived here all my freaking life and i’m still here because my family are here. Grangetown is a ******* joke, very dangerous ***** everywhere. Actually its so dangerous its beyond a ******* laugh. If your not born into a ‘hard’ family in grangetown/eston/soutbank your buggered. Middlesbrough is where all the whores and bag heads are, theres kids running round high as a ******* kite at the age of 9 then swearing and throwing stuff at anyone who walks by in black clothes.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020