Midd, Manchester

Greater ManchesterNorth West

Middleton, Manchester is a **** mecca.
However, not all ***** are welcome to this Mecca as it is reserved for the youngsters from the surrounding estates of Langley (Rough as a bears ****), Boarshaw, Hollins (Smack’Edville, Rhodes and Alky.

Middleton is a hotbed for petty crime such as car thieving, mugging etc etc.
The weapon of choice for “Midd Scallies” is knives and the occassional “‘Chetti”.
The uniform of these “Urban Soldiers” is Black Nike Trackies, Black hoodies and Black trainers and hats. Like modern day Ninja’s if you like.
There slang includes
“ee are maaate, you got a cig”
all the way to..
“**** off you ****, I have a Stanley Knife ‘ere, Gimme yer phone.”

However, wehat a lovely place to live!

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