Written by Anonymous. Posted in West Midlands

anyone ever go up merry hill centre, well if you do you will notice about 8:00pm every night, it will turn into a chav giant meeting. around the mc donalds, and the uci cinema.

the smell of weed over powers you, and they are all sitting in their, escorts and 1.4novas with more lights than black pool illuminations. all sound no go cars. then u look closers and the drivers is nearly lieing down in the backseats with a little cap just peeking about the dashboard.

its pethetic how the idiots just sitting on a mcdonalds all night, dealing drugs. you’ll see the 23year old driver with a group of 14 year old chav girls sitting in the car.

then u drive off and you can hear their cars screaming behind u to keep up. and they think they are supercars because they can do 40mph on a 30.
and they go to a gym once and now , suddenly they are stronger than the hulk and can take on anyone. yeah thats why they mug 10years old kids.

assholes, pure and simple

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