Mere Green

West Midlands

This is like a holiday in a five star hotel to *****. Mere green WAS nice quiet place where you could go with some mates and buy stuff. But now, its all changed. Its ****-mania.

Went down there today with a few mates to see a bunch of ***** being chased off by another bunch of ***** who thought their so called ‘disguise’ of having their hoodies up and pulled so tight around their ratty faces so they could hardly breathe was convincing down to sainsburys where the crowd hid and played a fun game of ‘seek and stab’ around the supermarket! Bashing into old ladies trollys as they go.

On our way out of sainsburys we saw 2 idiot ***** with a shopping trolley getting some pleasurable entertainment from pushing their mate down the hill in this trolly and laughing when they almost hit a car. A stupid dorky laugh like ‘UHH HUH HUH HAHAHAA’ and im just like… ‘No… Get a life you ****’.

How grim is your Postcode?

The best way to defeat a **** is too laugh in their face or just casually take the piss out of them. Going back to sainsburys. Theres always some low live gormless **** to earns around £3 an hour by standing there talking to their **** friends and helping them steal some stuff. They’re that thick they didnt think to go on the till and not put half the stuff through, but you know – What more can you expect from *****?!?!

Thats all I have to say on the low lives for now, but I will keep you all updated on the ‘**** life’ of mere green!

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