Meersbrook, Sheffield

North EastYorkshire

Ahhhhh Sheffield, one of the greenest cities in the country, miles of woodland, over 50 parks and unfortunately a growing population of Britain’s underclass, Chavs.
There are many places where they can be spotted, although the city centre is highly regarded as a hotspot. Here the chavs can congregate in many areas such as the Peace gardens where many a chav can be seen scoffing down their tenth big mac of the afternoon.
One of the main areas of chavness though is the city market, here masses of chavs can gather together in relative safety, trading in many counterfeit goods and discuss various chav topics notably on shite clothing and what sovereign ring to buy next.
All generations of chavs can be found here, from the impish baseball capped terrors to elder chavs who can be heard many a day whinging about the lack of control children have these days despite having 3 or 4 kids of their own locked up in jail.
Sheffield also plays host to a large number of huge estates where chavs have lived for many generations and continue to thrive and spread into areas untouched by chavs in the past.
Chav estates have many tell-tale signs, “tagged” lamposts, discarded silk cut packaging and most of all, old hatch backs modified with MDF spoilers. These monstrosities patrol the chav estates, preaching trance music to anyone within a mile radius of the vehicle.
For those chavs unfortunate enough to live in the firth park district of Sheffield, a costly 40p commute to the city centre, the local park has become the main destination on weeknights and weekends. Here the baseball cap ridden wasters can congregate and drink white lightenin, while having a smoke. The local corner shop is also ideally placed when more smokes need “taxing”. Recently however, chavs of the neighboring districts have been spotted using firth parks park, this has caused some unrest among the local chav population and has led to some violent conflicts. Indeed only last week there was a gruesome pushing contest between two of the rival chavs, with one threatening to bang the other out.

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