Meadowhall shopping centre (in Sheffield)

North EastYorkshire

Meadowhall is a shopping centre on the Sheffield/Rotherham boarder built in 1989 on an old steelworks site.  It got flooded in the big floods of 2007 and it was the happiest day of my life.  Unfourtunately they made the mistake of fixing it back up and the place is bigger and chavvier than before!  Basically it’s like a dangerous experiment.  Heres the equation:

“big ass shopping centre + every shop and take away restaurant you can think of + cinema + Sheffield chavs + Doncaster chavs + Barnsley chavs + Rotherham chavs = MEADOWHALL”

So yes, the place is horrible.  It’s an experience like no other!  It’s like one massive church built as a dedication to chav shopping.  Once you get over the bridge there is no escape!  It’s always packed and every day is like a saturday.  Oh the Christmas rush? You don’t even want to know!  Stepping into the place is like stepping into a massive clautrophobic greenhouse with a load of chavs in it.  If you’ve been you’ll know what i’m talking about because it’s as hot at the layers of hell!  God when you come here you’re guaranteed to come out fried!

Doncaster and Rotherham chavs will make the pilgrimage on the X78 bus
to Meadowhall at least one every month with the mission of beating up
some Sheffield chavs, stealing some trainers from Foot Locker and
pulling some “birds” in the Oasis.  Another reason for the pilgrimage is to visit the mother of all Primarks in South Yorkshire.  This place is absolutely huge and is the unnofficial main hub of all the charvery in Meadowhall.  Full of knuckle draggers and chav mums going apeshit over tacky £1 t-shirts and horrible £4 jeans.

After a busy day of shoplifting, going apeshit over Primark clothes, beating up chavs from every part of S Yorks there is no place better to go than the Oasis.  It’s a massive foodcourt with everything a chav could want.  A KFC, Maccy D’s, papershop, nandos, chippy, chinese, indian, jacket spuds, pub, cinema and creche all in one circle!  And in the middle is a massive TV.  Oh if the Royle Family could choose a paradise then this would be it.

So please avoid the place.  Think what you’re getting yourself into before you venture to the end of the tram line!

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