Martock – The dumping ground for *****

South West

Martock you may or may not have heard of it. Just be glad that you don’t live there.

This place has to be the Chavest place ever. You have very little to do except go round in **** cars (i.e. the chavall nova).

Martock is where all ***** live happily in tired council houses and each others underwear. Virtually everyone is related to everyone else. In martock the children ussually find that there sister is also there Mum. They tend to dress in the usual reebok, nike and replica playboy clothes. They can be found in the pub on the old Vimto thinking they are really p*ssed when in fact that because of the ********** anything with sugar in means that cannot walk.

Usually they can be found at the spar trying to buy **** and booze. The busiest time is when benefits day comes round. They have to have the latest Rythm and Bullshit CD, 20 Lambert and Butler, Some vimto and of course the old **** favourite of Budweiser and Stella.

You need to make sure that you have the townie dictionary otherwise you won’t be able to understand what the hell they are saying. ( This is due to the fact that most have them don’t have teeth and with the IQ very rarely being above 5.5 then it means that the entire vocabulary is built on saying F*CK!! Usually with a accompanying t*at, **** , w*nker or p*ick.

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