DevonSouth West

Marldon the small village that connects torbay together in this small village there is an access to totnes(not so ******) torquay(oh ******* hell!) and paignton(way to close to the emo’s) in this village there is the infamous marldon massive you know the 4’3 ***** that say init and tag swings and break telephone boxes haha lol…. no! anyway here you don’t really want to comeout of youre house after 8 becasue they will be waltzing around in there big armed fashion looking for trouble you don’t see much of ***** in marldon but when you do theyr’e not gonna be freindly the most common places to find them is the field at the new estates the tunnel where they tag and where so many people have edited theyre name (who can resist) (not me) and who could forget theyr’e sanctuary the park by the church all they do theyre is sit on theyre little horse toys and drink foster make it look cool and post it on bebo i mean what the hell anyway thats marldon the neighbouring village to┬ásome of the most corrupt towns in the south west .

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