Market Drayton or rather Market Chavton, Shropshire

ShropshireWest Midlands

Being a observer of the ****’s has nearly driven me mad as I foolishly ask myself WHY? and attempt to understand the *****.
They hang out in the phonebox in the street then smash it up at least once a week, then they attempt to walk through the broken glass barefoot!!! like ****-swarmi !
They trundle up and down the street between each others grungy houses all the day and night yet still need to scream and shout at each other from opposite ends of the road!!
At present it is autumn so we’ve come to expect the firework obsession for the next month or so. The ****’s steal everything that ain’t nailed down, whinge about being piss poor in the ghetto innit, whine that they can’t afford to buy ganga and beer yet blow their pooled giro’s on fireworks every night!!! Oh the unfairness of it all!!!
Even though they’ve turned me into a neurotic curtain twitcher I can’t decide which ugly, tracksuited bloke lives where! They all look the bloody same!
Most surprisingly of all, the ****’s can’t under stand why the rest of us don’t want to **** it large!! I personally like my sofa if sitting on the urine soaked pavement freezing my **** off is the alternative!
I pray for the day these foul ********* get knocked up and move out to the Fairfields estate but they may well be unshaggable and therefore unsuitable breeding stock even in this limited genepool!!.
Some more Chavstery’s:
Do all gansta’s live 20 to a house with their mum?
How does crime pay when you can only afford to blare your stereo for two ***** songs before the leccky meter runs out?
Don’t proper ninja burglers wear black not white tracksuits?
If they sit on their **** all day bored shitless why can’t they wash their minging hair?
I ponder……..I despair……

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