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Margate, the small seaside town from Thanet, or as everyone calls in Thanet … Fanet. i come from Margate i have lived there all my life.
Life can be pretty crap in Margate, sometimes you can be in fear. You can sit on a bus and stuff and words will be thrown at you. whilst they are sitting there graffiting all over the bus. Many people can be started on by chavettes just by looking at them. My friend got her tooth knocked out by someone she has never knew or meet before.
I am not a c**v (well slight, just have a soveriegn and love sports clothes) but about 70% of thanets population is c**v, the 30% is asylem seekers.
There is a never dull moment in Thanet, Cliftonville is the homeplace of arsonist, many buildings do not stand anymore, and there is always a war between the Margate crew and The Millmead Crew.
All i can say is bomb margate (when i and any one innocent have moved out) and get rid of the c***s and asylem seekers at the same time!

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