Marchwood (Near southampton)

Ok now i’ve lived in marchwood all 18 years of my life. Marchwood was a quiet, green and seriously under populated place, you could walk to the shops and you would see people you knew and know they would say hi.
One day I walked to the shops, I think it was when the year above us left school, and outside the “chippy” I had my first “****” experience.
There were at least 20 of them with their rollies and bottles off beer, and in place of the usual hello was “Y’all right darrrlin lend us 50P”
Thoughts going through my head included “where the hell did all these people come from” and “hmmm I didnt know “…..” came from London?”
I thought about this on my way home but little did I know this was the start of a very derranged class of people.
People I knew started wearing burbery hats and tucking their socks into their trousers and for some odd reason pretending they came from london using expressions such as “Mush, Innit, Blingin’ and Sorted”.
More and more people were experimenting in this new style, It was begining to worry me.
What was happening to my quiet little villiage?
I’m starting think me and my small group of locals are the only ones left with an individual style and personality.
These days you walk down to the shops and see the usual crowd. Its almost to be expected now…
Theres the odd few ******* around the snooker club waiting for a member to take them in, The under-age girls trying to pull so the guys will buy them alcohol, The usual wannabe stoners waiting to pick up from their dealer although they dont actually smoke anything it just makes them look cool, the lads in the shop making a scene because the nice lady behind the counter wont serve them and the small crowd that are old enough to drink and are doing so and have been doing so since six so now there really just looking for a fight or someone to accuse of hitting on their stuck up bimbo girlfriends.
Of course everyone is usualy drunk, most underage and all of them out for the same reasons..
1. To pull underage “*********”
2. To prove who is “Da Man”
3. To see who can drink the most and get arrested first for being drunk and disorderly, Beacuse that will earn you “**** points” and if you want to be in the “Marchwood massive cru ’04’ + WOT” then you have to be that cool.
What I find really sad is the younger generation (usually the younder brothers/sisters of the fully grown “*****”) Getting all their infulence from their siblings…. THEY HAVE NO CHANCE!
Marchwood is getting a really bad reputation for being, well “Chavy” but what I really want to know is where do these “*****” come from beacuse most people in marchwood know most people in marchwood and so my suspicion is they come from neighbouring places such as Totton, Hythe and the well known Netly View or Netly Zoo to most people.
Im assuming this isnt going to change so hey, CHEERS GUYS! This quiet village has been doomed to “*********”….INNIT!

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