Maple Cross, **** breeding pit.

South East

You may have heard the name Maple Cross mentioned on the London Radio stations during traffic reports on the M25, due to a junction right next to this ever growing village. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Maple Cross. But no. You’d be mistaken.

Maple Cross boasts public houses, a primary school, a large park and woodland area and even a series of lakes. Nevertheless such places can’t redeem the damage left by the ***** of Maple Cross. In some cases the existance of public places of leisure help the chavseed lying dormant in local small children to germinate and develop hastily.

The village is situated next to Mill End and Rickmansworth, mentioned in past articles. I like to think the village is seperated into two parts, ‘Up the top’ and ‘Down the bottom’, with the woods acting as ‘No mans land’. The areas highest in Maple Cross are pleasant, but the lower areas are filled with council house estate and the violents who live there.

I, myself have lived here sixteen of my seventeen years of life. I have seen it all.

Back in the years of my youth I vividly remember having to use my utmost stealth to get to the shops [Situated right in the depths of the bottom area] and back without -them- attempting to steal my pocket money for cheap ***** cider. Nowadays the ***** have a liking for low alcohol content alcho-pops such as ‘Smirnoff Ice’ and the ever increasingly popular ‘WKD’. I know this from the many piles of broken bottles afflicting the shop and park area.

The park is and always was a warzone. Not just for myself, but the ***** themselves, against one another in gang fights. The grassy area nearby presents the perfect place for their moped races, despite the small children/pets that have to jump into bushes out of the way of the pathetic whiny sounding motors.
Every -single- day from noon onwards they congregrate around a roofed bench, painted bright colours, meant for small children. The unmistakeable aroma of cannabis wafts out onto the path nearby, getting thicker as night falls.
It’s a mistake for anyone to take the shortcut across the park at this time, let alone an alternative. But Maple Cross is devoid of them. At least 95% of the adolescants in Maple Cross are *****. Even from ages as young as five or six. You often see a group of tiny ***** fighting over the butt of a cigarette, probably found on the floor.

The ***** in the area are loud, horribly common and prone to staying in herds of no less than at least ten. If seen on their own as a single unit, they tend to shuffle along as quickly and quietly as they can. We all know that a **** on it’s own is useless, and it knows it.

The loudest are the females of the population, most of them with child. None of them well educated.
Most arguments between the female ***** happen either in the park or outside the local shops. Usually over males or cigarettes. Even chips.

Thankfully nowadays the more violent individuals have been presented with shiny new curfews, but of course, not all of them were caught.

There is a lack of **** entertainment in Maple Cross.[ Such as fast food takeaways and nightclubs] This surely angers them. Their primitive minds have trouble processing such anger, hence the speech impediments and outbursts of violence.

Ventures to Maple Cross are not advised.

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