Benchill Estate
The hub of south manchester chavdom, Stockport can only dream, this is where mail order rules, and the **** moves house a lot! This is home to the fat **** that teararses round in an old “done up” Fiat Punto, with trade mark drain pipe masquerading as a performance exhaust.
This is the place where on a sunny day, neighbours chat to each other at the gate, and stare at the (legally) working couple arriving home with that look of disgust, as if to say “who the **** da thi fink day are – ****** shnobs”.
This is the place where hollyhedge rd shops has a public drinking ban, and it’s strictly observed, apart from the 7 pissed up ***** that think by holding your “can o stello” under your coat, they are foolin everyone.
This is the place where you’ll find mam **** paying £1 a week off her £600 rent arrears, with 2 & 5 pence peices, because that peroxide **** up the road grassed her up to the benefits (not realising the irony that all 5 of her mini ***** have different father’s that none of them know, and she is also a piss yellow blonde,

What a wonderfull world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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