manchester, clayton

Greater ManchesterNorth West

ok this aint really a town, its like an estate/town…but it also happens to be the centre of all chav breeding within manchester…they come in 2 form in clayton… 1 the “CMD” no1 know wat it means but they think they are the firm and walk around wearing a black glove on there right hand(very black panther)…. 2 the scrotes these are ppl who wish to join the “CMD” but never seem to make it… they are ur standard chavs but added with the self belief hat they rule clayton, yet when we had a fight 3 on 3 they ran away after they got there arses kicked… they also seem to have developed a mating call….for the males its “mosher” and the females “goth”…..they seem to get hysterical upon hearing these 2 words….so a word of advice dont go clayton….because chances are u r already probably somewhere similar…

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