Maldon and heybridge

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Maldon and heybridge, two joint towns, when people first see these towns, they think its a nice, peacefull place. they couldnt be more wrong. it is actually a degenerating ********, overrun with *****. so lets start with maldon. the bigger of the two towns, top **** hangouts:

West Maldon community centre:
on a friday night this place attracts hundreds of ***** that hang around smoking weed, drinking their alcholic mixtures in coke bottles (and the police never even notice!), trying to fight, vandalising anything they see and ******* the many ugly *********.

The Square:
the name given by the ***** to the large courtyard in the middle of a run down council flat estate. not so many ***** hang around here any more but its still not a place youd want to walk through. if you are foolish enough to leave your car here, dont be suprised when you come back and find it smashed up. the flats house numerous drug dealers and generly people you dont really want to get on the wrong side of.

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The promenade:
many ***** hang out here, drinking, smoking, and tearing around on their mini motos. they graffiti the rain shelters and playground, they hang around the **** skate park stopping any skaters from getting near it.

Cherry Garden road:
few ***** hang around here, but there are some real nasty and dangerous people that live here, the houses are **** and is the closest maldon has to a ghetto. a few years ago the ***** that live there ran riot after this popular boy who lived there was ****** in a scooter accident. they were smashing cars, tipping over vans and beating up anyone who got in their way which made it a dangerous place to be.

now for heybridge, smaller and poorer than most of maldon and so many ***** its unbelievable. top **** places include:

Tescos, mcdonalds and park:
all close together. boy racers try to look hard by driving fast around tescos carpark in their **** hatchbacks. mcdonalds is just 500 metres away, never by any food from there cos only ***** work in there. the park is just across a canal from tescos. its brand new and already ***** are ruining it, broken beer bottles and spliff ends all over the place.

bentalls shopping centre:
a **** shopping centre with a chavy sports shop, and nettos. at night loads of ***** hang around here doing nothing, smashing up the bus shelter or chasing anyone who even looks at them. they seem to like ******* around nettos most for some strange reason.

plantation hall:
you will see them all sitting on the grass in a circle getting stoned, and climbing on the climbing frames and falling off looking like twats. dont ever get into a fight here or you will have ever **** there on you.

Bovis Estate
Probably the poorest area in heybridge, lots of council houses, and ****** flats. a rough place, home to all the worst ***** in heybridge, most of them are on weed, crack or smack. at midnight all the street lights go out to save energy, if you walk around the estate on your own at this time, lets just say youd be more safe in Iraq than here.

both towns are getting worse, but the good thing is there are plenty of people that hate ***** in maldon and heybridge to sort them out. together we can destroy the **** ****.

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