Maidstone: blindin’!!!! shore ’nuff then, belieeeeve me!

so Maidstone then… what a FUCKHOLE!!!!!

the only good thing about growing up in Maidstone was that filthy Chatham was just up the road, making us feel superior. the only good thing about that was the rare occasion when all the bonehead lee cooper jeans luminous shirt wearing reebok cuntrags would vacate the town centre of a friday night and go puke up the door step of Amadeus for a change, leaving maidstone free to roam without abuse/spit/monosyllabics/undecipherables/blinding-shirt-colours/etc you see where im going right?

so once in a blue moon they’d all **** off to Chatham to piss up their lamposts and get away with it rather than abuse our high street while the coppers watch on and don’t lift a ******* finger, despite the flagrant abuses of anti-social behaviour in extremes. despite the fact that some shirt-wearing troglodyte just told the chief constable to ‘go **** his muvverz ****’, the pissant bill won’t do a thing. its no wonder those shitstains got SO cocky abusing random passers-by if the ******* police won’t even say anything.

How grim is your Postcode?

so thats just the ones that are old enough to drink.

the real **** are those posing little fucktards hitting the 12-17 demographic that are too young to club, and too old for bed, though if you ask me, theyre all just the right age to take a ******* spike in the neck. i had a ******* huge mohawk when i was about 19, and everytime i passed a group of thosepre-pubescent cunnywafts i’d get all kinds of ****… but **** it! like i gave a ****.

BUT WHAT REALLY ******* GOT ME was when i was walking with my mates in a group of four or five, and a pseudo-gang of muppet-****** would start the abuse, and my ******* lame-**** so called punk mates would just walk on. these little shitters KNEW they could get away with it, because the majority of alternate music listeners were and still are a bunch of coward ******* liberal passifist nonces that couldnt look after their own. its no wonder i became a skinhead. no ******* tosspot ****** spoke back to me during those blissfully quiet 3 years of bomber jacket wearing, trouser-legged rollin, boot times. even a notorious local hardcore genuine ***** traveller kept his mouth shut one day as i walked past.

so i live in france now. yes france. why do i live in france? i just didnt want to watch england turn into more of a filthy **** ******** ***** site with more gelled fringe than a crooked lottery winner. i literally HATE england for what its become, and i’m ******* LIVID at how local councils blindly tolerate the anti-social, ill-educated, pissant excuse for a youth culture that populates english high streets. **** you town council, **** YOU! you should be ashamed of yourselves. when i’m king you’ll be up against the wall next to those little shitarse ****** you WHORES!!!! and **** you for making me dress like a ******* **** for 3 years just for a bit of peace and quiet!!!!

so thats it kids… the future is certain… england is dead because it grows stupider everyday. the future population of the UK will consist of people who went to eton, and people who can’t spell eton. instead they put ‘eaten’ or something. the only solution is **** them all… or everyone becomes a skinhead.

you know whats worse? my unmarried cousin called her baby ‘shanel’. i dont even know what thats supposed to mean?!?! did she mean the perfume? because she ******* spelled that wrong, the dunce *****!!!!!

at least ***** have a sense of solidarity in the face of youth rivalry! at least they stick together. when did a bunch of skaters get together and knock a bunch of ***** around, or **** around phone booths shouting abuse at kevs that passed by, then bottle them with their cranberry alco-pops.

and another thing?!?!?!? ‘why the **** would any youth culture want to emulate a ******* ***** traveller society?!?!?!? ***** ******* SMELL LIKE FAECES YOU DIPSHIT ****** TWATS!!! WHY DO YOU WANT TO TALK LIKE THEM???? they can’t even speak English!!! don’t use their indecypherable romany clicks and groans as a basis for your own hip vernacular!!!! be creative… try not to end every sentence with ‘shore ’nuff then’ or ‘take oaf!!’

i’m done. **** YOU ALL!!! i Hate what Englands become. i’m going to go sit on my ******* bidet and read ‘cahiers du cinema!’ screw you england, if you won’t get off your disaffected, lazy, incompetant arses and go vote in proactive town councils who’ll clean the streets and sort out this failing country then **** YOU!!!! i’m done!

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