Maidenhead (MaidenDEAD)

My hometown. If im honest, i have fond memories of Maidenhead, although in comparisson to most other parts of the South East, crime being immaculately high, along with drug deals, arguably teenage pregnancies.
Being part of the ‘Royal Borough’, the standards evidently would be of high to those visiting; however, as many have witnessed, taking a walk through our town centre, the Daily Mail have mentioned of it as being one of the most ‘rundown, ghostly’ and rough places in the country. Around 25% of buildings are empty or building up, most honestly since the recession.
For a town of its small size, Maidenhead has so many ‘********’, kids i have seen as young as 8 or 9 smoking weed, or original cigarettes. ASBO trouble is on the rife as well as teenage pregnancies. Crime also is high, with stabbings and assalts regular, and urban dictionary describes our town by night as a ‘warzone’, and with Slough up the road not helping our troubles.

Originally an affleunt area, however in the last 7-10 years, poverty has icreased massively. over 600 families out of 60,000 people are on the bredline, with limited opportunities for youth, with work etc. This town is not the place to be, i have witnessed alot growing up here, drug deals on the day, assalts, and robbery on the many rundown estates possessed.

Certainly not the worst, howver, not the best. Ghostown? hmm think about it!
By: Roger Haxwell

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