KentSouth East

Lydd home of the “‘Ard Nuts.” The Green Park is the new hangout area,or outside the Square near Mace.
Climbing Garages,Robbing old women,vandalising anything they can get they’re greasy hands on,is a “Blaitent”hobby around the dump.If you ever come to the C**v Central be sure to tighten up your shoe laces really tight because otherwise you will be leaving with none on.
Mopeds,the new obsession of vehicle,hanging outside Mace with your ped on the “PATH” is so fun,because your not old enough to drive a proper car,Peds are the answer to everything.
Oh yes i can’t forget leaving school in year 9-10 that’s a real popular thing to do,if you do so,you are EXTREMELY hard,being thick and all..etc..

Eck√≥ the new “NIKE” if you wear this you are “Cool bruv.”

Now being a fellow Grammar Nazi,i hate the form on text that they use..such as “BLUD,BAR.”etc,i could go on forever.

Final thing,if your going to come drink here beware of the Man Utd supporters..

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