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You can not find a more chav place than Lower Gornal in the West Midlands – it has all the pre-requisite chav elements – Spar: for general loitering, Chip Shop (see Spar), Pubs – for sitting outside in their Novas and even a launderette that the chavs gravitate to with their cheap cider and alchol pops!

There is even a chav haven: the chav pub – The Straits House – this is the beacon for chavs/chavettes – come rain or shine this strange creature can be found sitting outside, with their burberry caps, trackie suits, bad haircuts and cheap gold jewellry, discussing spoilers and listening to such musical joys as 50p (sorry cent) and The Streets. Currently this spectical is free – however from October we will be charging a 50p (not cent) fee to ensure we can continue to afford the upkeep of this animal (chips, cider and bad burgers do not come cheap!)

You have been warned – visit now whilst this creature can be seen in its natural habitat.

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