louth (lincolnshire)

what can i say? no matter where you go in louth then your sure to run into 1 **** or more.
if our on the look out for ****’s then you could do worse than to go into chaplin’s bar/niteclub any day of the week (thursday is by far the best time to go as it’s giro day so their all usually in there at opening time) you mite even find some in the white swan hotel on eastgate (it open’s at 9am so you mite find that rarest of ****’s (the 1 that’s up & out before 12pm) in there if the barman’s a bit blind. watch out for them on friday & saturday nite round the market place, you’ll no that their about due to that very distintive call of their’s “ere mate got a spare ***?” or thre other classic @ closing time “c’mon then pal if you think your hard now you’ve had a skin full i’ll take you on” only for them to turn & run should you make a move toward’s them.

i’m in the middle of composing a **** file on spalding (south lincolnshire) so when that’s finish’d you’ll see it here first.

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