Longton (Stoke on Trent)

StaffordshireWest Midlands

The ***** have an exciting night at the two platorm, one train an hour town centre station!
This a place so horrible that blind people are pushed in the road as a source of amusement (true story).
The first time my partner visited this forsaken place she was treated two aging alchy Trisha fodder screaming and hitting each other. They have a lidl supermarket – the ultimate monument to **** drinking supplies! Statistically, Longton is in the highest bracket for ********** within the UK. It certainly shows.

When myself and my partner were passing through, one funny basin haired chavling decided to taunt me about my bushy hair, from the otherside of the window of the train we were on. After laughing at him, he decided to assert his manhood by screaming at me and beckoning me off the train. While I couldn’t stop laughing, his gorilla of a mate started on us next, so I blew him a kiss. This blatent attack on his sexuality enraged him so much he proceeded to scream at me that he was going to **** me, spat at the train, flailing his arms and running after the slow moving train continuing his war cry thouroughly impressing the ********* present. Unfortunately, they are probably going to breed.

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