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This has a double use. it is a chav training ground and also where chavs go to die, a chav elephant graveyard.
Mini chavs circulate, the market area and up by the bus stops; the chav school and practice staying up late and being as skinny as they can be, yelling in their squaeky chav manc voices all the latest words which are usually unintelligable. Ten year olds perfect spliff rolling at the back of the 192 into picadilly where they get off and then get back on again to visit their mecca (stockport, where they will graduate to the well rounded ultra chav once they turn 15 and have squeezed out a couple of sprats. Here they live out their lives, drinking stella and smoking superkings lit with market zippos until they reach 35(ultimate chav age). they then return to longsight to live on the stockport road, sometimes dribbling down into ardwick where they sit in the park and yell in grown up voices the words they can still remember from their youth, “oi, slag, wotchoo fooking lookin at eh?”
The 192 remains their form of transport, but its necessary now cos of all the doobies they put away when they were pushchair trainess have sucked the lungs out of their bodies.

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