WarwickshireWest Midlands

Oh my god how the Council Housed Antisocial Vermin (CHAV) have evolved. they now have wheels. and more kids that will also turn into more little vermin. they are the acne on the face of britain and we now need clearsil to be rid of them.
so back to the subject, LONGBRIDGE oh what a joy to live in, we have a good chippy there but apart from that there is nothing else here. More chavs hang round here than there are whore chavettes hanging at the dole line claiming their child benefit for their 7 kids by 7 different little boys er… fathers. (who were probably their own fathers and brothers as they probably keep it in the family anyway. (here is one to remember what do you call a group of chavs Answer is a disease)
Also in Longbridge you have Sunbury shops where it is a shocking picture because there are chavs here but no i repeate NO Mcdonalds there.
they dont really hang round duing the week because they have school the following day but when it comes to the weekend its like looking at a live version of a clockwork orange, oh wait its the slags that hang roung with them. its their faces that are orange.
not one can even spell IQ let alone have one between them. personally the scum should do us all a favour and go kill themselves.
another quick question before i go
what part of the body on a chav should be the only one to open a) his mouth b) his arse or c) HIS WRISTS

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