London (The Elephunt and Castle)

***** hang outs where can I start. It seems like there everywhere. You’ve probably all heard of the Pink Elephunt shopping centre there are millions of them (probably waiting to by the latest fake Burbury hats from the local crooks). All night around my estate Boom Boom Boom from there **** Chaved up Vauxhall Novas I can hear the tyres screeching and I live on the fifteenth floor and in the lobby which was repained a month ago Lia Jade 4 Damien 4 Eva or Michael is fat **** and they stand there all day and night with the little ********* holding their hands out to any unsuspecting sucker for money and talking about what **** ***** they fancy. Also every filth **** over 14 is pushing a pram. Now I’ve got this rant off my chest I’ll probably have one knocking on the door asking to borrow a fiver til the dole money comes in!!

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