Loftus, most families seem to be related and interbred

Living in Loftus, North Yorkshire
Living in Loftus, North Yorkshire

This is a definite **** town, being on the north yorkshire border with cleveland and basically being a human dumping ground for all the problem families that not even Middlesborough and Redcar can cope with. Popular spots for **** Sighting is the Town Square, Taberners Chippy, Zetland Estate and The Angel Pub, Loftus could perhaps be one of the very first **** towns, with its rich history of ******** families being sent by social services from Middlesborough, Grangetown, South Bank, Eston and Redcar to this backwater, with the only industries apparent being Boulby Potash mine and selling drugs to younger *****.

The local school used to be called Rosecroft School, and it was basically a Borstal for Teachers, with teachers [allegedly] regularly beating up children, [allegedly[ not caring less about the curriculum, and several teachers [allegedly] in need of possible psychiatric help, not having a clue about what day of the week it is basically.

I grew up there, and hated every single second of it. Its crime ridden, seriously low education levels, and actually rated in a government report in 1994 as having the highest rate of underage pregnancies per capita in the whole of the UK

How grim is your Postcode?

Most families seem to be related and interbred, noticeable ****** families including the Gxxxxxxs, the Hxxxxxs’ the Sxxxxies and the Lxxxxins, oh and of course the Hxxxxxs, actually proven for fact to be incestuous and the possible inspiration for The Dingles.

Crime is rife in this town, especially on the Zetland Estate, where very few people have jobs, and local activity includes TWOCking (like american GTA – Taking Without Owners Consent), Washing Lining (stealing laundry), Pot Dealing, Cat Baiting (throwing cats into pens with vicious dogs to train the dogs up for hunting) and DSS Scamming (they are highly adept at this)

The majority of ***** in this area can be identified by large medallion rings from Elizabeth Dukes, that double as knuckle dusters, surly mannerisms grunting at anyone who exhibits the slightest level of intelligence, a can of Diamond White cider or trackie bottoms tucked into greyish white socks and ridiculous reebok basketball boots, although its obviously the only running they do is to the post office to cash their giro or away from police after a spot of ‘creeping’ (burglaring whilst residents are in bed asleep).

A truly **** town!

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