Llanybydder: it’s 20 years behind the rest of civilisation

Living in Lanybydder, Carmarthenshire

Small village situated near Lampeter, runs a monthly horse mart and the land that time forgot… or in reality 20 years behind the rest of civilization.

Once this village many old fashioned pubs, only the rugby club is left, where ******* popping farmers and intellectually challenged boy racers go. Each pub within the area had character, friendly faces, a great atmosphere until cheap booze and cheaper people moved to this once idealistic village.

A once happy, warm village is now cold storage for ***** and underachieving types. The sun doesn’t shine there and rumours that if anyone living there sees the sun they’ll try bringing it down by throwing rocks at the infinite sky.

How grim is your Postcode?

Some village stuffs and random things:
*Hidden in the village are buried time capsules to be opened in 2020, one has a **** inside and in 4 years time someone will come face to face with it.

* In 1887 It was illegal to eat apples on sunday

* In one of the remaining pubs is a love letter to a crazy woman who once lived there, it’s hidden behind a loose brick, I found it, read it and replaced it with a shoe.

* A boxer lives there and to this day hasn’t had a decent poo due to ******** and a diet of crayons. Also his IQ is lower that a crayon but high enough to do manual labour.

* The average life span of someone here is 90, in reality its 25 but time is so slow here..

* A famous Actor once described this town as a bitter mistress that smells of vinegar and *** ash while it begs for more chips.

* A horse mart runs once a month, to this day no one has caught it.

* The local Abattoir runs a scheme for local people to fling tripe at passing cars to entice the drivers into buying local produce, unfortunately this scheme failed when they caused anger in a group of vegans who were on their way to a festival.

* The A485 has a speed limit of 90mph to ensure no one visits by accident.

* Ghosts would not haunt this place as the smell of the local Abattoir has frightened them off for good.

* That is all