Llandudno is a pleasant and rather elegant seaside resort in North Wales. By day, the streets are filled with fairly ordinary people walking around shopping. Look a little closer though and you will see that the benches on the street corners are filled with belligerent shaven headed dwarves, either high on something or trying to get there.

Come six o’clock, the shops close and almost immediately these groups start to prowl around. They are all short, many have pot bellies and they dress in the styles that they see on TV-**** TV that is. The female species wear the normal outfits, with Croydon facelifts much in fashion, but distinguish themselves by the amount of homemade tattoos they have.

They gibber and swear in a strangled Scouse accent because they think it makes them well ‘ard. They then make their way from pub to pub if they look old enough, or if not sit near the purveyor of strong alcohol to the under aged at the top of town.

How grim is your Postcode?

A particular favoured venue is a pub called The Carlton. Here you can find three generations of ***** drinking together. Its also very close to that essential recreation area, a street corner with a bench on it.

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