Toxteth, Liverpool – Oh my god, what a sh*thole!

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I had the misfortune of living in Toxteth – actually an area called ‘Canning’ which the city tried to promote as the ‘Georgian Quarter’ due to the 19th century houses. A lot of people who lived in Canning tried to pretend that it wasn’t Toxteth, but it was.

Oh my god, what a ********. It’s a very high crime area, with way above average burglaries, robberies and vehicle crime. There was way more drug use and prostitution than in other cities i have lived in in the UK.
The locals (black and white) are a bunch of complaining, lazy, brain dead, dirty, twats. I have never known people to be more self obsessed and inward looking. Toxteth is like the archetypal ‘village’ with its inhabitants hating outsiders and change and with none of them having more than about 2 brain cells to rub together.

And don’t get me started on their self pitying-just google the dead baby/chicken foetus story. What a bunch of morons-i really hated living there and i have lived in many cities around the UK, including London,

How grim is your Postcode?

Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds, none of their inhabitants have the self-obsessed, self pitying attitude that scousers do. And so many scousers are thieves-you have really got to have your wits about you or you WILL end up a victim of crime, as i was several times.

In Liverpool if you really want to be unpopular, just say ‘job’. Most scousers are totally resistant to working for a living and many think that they have a right to benefits, even if they, and their families, have never worked a day in their life. Of course they can’t manage on benefits (get to get the money for the ****, booze and plasma TV from somewhere) so they are invariably involved in crime to supplement their benefit ‘income’.

Bunch of losers-and i am afraid that i would have to apply the above to nearly all the people in Liverpool, though i do appreciate that some scousers are decent. No wonder so many leave this **** hole of a city-including ALL celebrities.

God I will never return to that place, it gives me nightmares.

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