Liverpool Capital of Culture 2008

MerseysideNorth West

Liverpool – once a waste ground despised by everyone (even its own residents) – is very different to what it once was since Capital of Culture year started. Yes you still get scallys wearing the scally uniform of black tracksuit, stupid swagger and cry of “eh mate, what the **** are you lookin’ at!?” and most girls between the ages of 12 and 18 are still orange, wear Ugg boots, shout out “eh lad, wanna shag!?” and for some reason all have the same beehive type hairstyle, but Liverpool has completely changed – with new shops, the Pier Head getting re-developed, and in general a damn good clean!

Someone rightly decided that in 2008 Liverpool should host the MTV Europe music awards, the start of the Tall Ships Race, the final stage of the Tour of Britain bike race and the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards will be coming to the new Echo Arena soon too, amongst other things.

You can go to a pub and buy a pint for less than £2 and public transport is bloody cheap (and reliable!). Yes, there are still problems in certain parts of the city and southerners and Mancs will always hate us – to tell the truth, they are jealous of our city! So, come to Liverpool and see it for yourself – if you can find a hotel room as they’e all been nicked, I mean, are all fully booked!

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