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For any of you out there who have had the misfortune to visit or drive through the wretched place, I sympathise. I will translate for you to make it easy to follow :-
Girls = strange boy/girl combination dressed only in sports clothing with lashings of gold, the bigger the jewellery the better.
Boys = dead eyed smack head lookalike wannabe black boys. Logoed up and and as mean as can be. All the young lads are criminals.
Adults = two varietes 1. Ugly, fatheaded, psuedo disabled lazy bastards who travel via motorised spac scooter smoking as many fags as they can. (There are whole families travelling round in these machines – believe me)
2. The chav made good adult which consists of a widenecked bloke who has done well in a manual job married to a thin faced, very tanned, old looking chavette who thinks she has a good marriage because he only beats her up on Saturday nights and she has got a widescreen.
The only bit of green in the area (Madameswood) is strewn with stolen burnt out cars and motorbikes and fridges. The biggest worry is that for those who bought thier council house, the massive profits in the area mean that loads of chavs are moving out, maybe to a town near you. You will know who they are when they arrive accompanied by the smell of fried food and badly maintained Ford Orion engine. I lived there for a few years and I was robbed four times and had my car stolen five times. Thieving scum, put them in a field and blow then up.

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