Little Chalfont

South East

little chalfont, a sweet little village close to amersham, only problem is the increasing amount of ***** (kevs, TWATS) in the area. You usually find the ***** (with their *******) ******* out on the bench on the village green, close to the chippy and the wine (booze) shop. Although they mainly come from the council estates up the road they locate themselves here, on the richer side of town. Normally a gang of at least 4, smoke in one hand, beer in the other, they shout many things at you including “****, gayboy” or just “******.” I once had to put up with walking through their abuse, now i opt for the car avoiding the filth. I notice they leave a large amount of mess on the green. Litter everywhere and grafiti on the bins. well aint that hard, surely these filth should be given asbos or something to get them away from little chalfont.

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