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Truly unbelievable in Chavster stakes in that it is populated by a bunch of people who actually believe they are NOT chavsters. Of course, these are the worse of the lot.

This is the attitidue of the over-30s who have amazingly forgotten their (male) Chavster past of Drink Driving, drug taking and fighting, while the females foget about their soverign rings and numerous sexual partners.

They do however, all have their bastard offspring to continue in their Chav tradition. You cannot walk across the Square at Liphook without being accosted by a burberry hat or pair of Nike trainers.
Muggings, vandalism and mobile phones are all too common a sight.

Despite what the locals may think, some of the oldest and most hideous p***y families live in Liphook – the true chav HQ of North East Hants.

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