Truly unbelievable in ******** stakes in that it is populated by a bunch of people who actually believe they are NOT chavsters. Of course, these are the worse of the lot.

This is the attitidue of the over-30s who have amazingly forgotten their (male) ******** past of Drink Driving, drug taking and fighting, while the females foget about their soverign rings and numerous sexual partners.

They do however, all have their ******* offspring to continue in their **** tradition. You cannot walk across the Square at Liphook without being accosted by a burberry hat or pair of Nike trainers.
Muggings, vandalism and mobile phones are all too common a sight.

How grim is your Postcode?

Despite what the locals may think, some of the oldest and most hideous ***** families live in Liphook – the true **** HQ of North East Hants.

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